Stephen Eanes: 2022 40 Under 40 Award-Winner

Our 2022 40 Under 40 Awards featured young OPE leaders from across the country. In the next couple of weeks, we’ll highlight several of our 2022 award-winners here. Our winners were chosen not only for their numerous accomplishments and individual strengths, but also for their passion for their dealerships and outdoor power equipment – and the promise they bring for the future of our industry. Of course, you can check out the entire 40 Under 40 roster in our May/June issue.


General Manager, Beverage Tractor – Blacksburg, Virginia

Stephen Eanes “has a unique ability to understand the nature of our industry – equipment sales and service,” says a nominator. “Our industry is complex and challenging, as we represent a variety of manufacturers and equipment, now with inventory-procurement challenges. In addition, there must be a personal dynamic with staff, to support, motivate and lead them in a family environment, all while managing the business interests of the company. Stephen has done a remarkable job of leading people while successfully growing the business the right way.”

Stephen’s team-building efforts at Beverage Tractor are something he’s particularly proud of: “I have created a positive environment for employees,” he says. “All employees work collaboratively and work toward our common goal – providing great service.”

His other accomplishments, he says, have included: training for personnel in each department (sales, service, parts), and finding customers equipment from other dealers and suppliers in spite of inventory shortages.

“Stephen communicates well and has an impressive understanding of financial metrics and what is needed for critical change,” says a nominator. “He embraces the opportunity to make decisions, and is deliberate when doing so. He leads by example and is a tireless worker, all which set a great pace for all employees at his store.”


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