Bobcat Company grows its electric fleet with E19e compact excavator


Bobcat Company unveiled the latest machine in its electric excavator lineup: the E19e compact excavator.

“With the introduction of the E19e, Bobcat has expanded its electric lineup of zero-emission and quiet machines that can match the excellent performance of our conventional models,” said Doosan Bobcat CEO Scott Park. “This unit will build on the success of our smaller E10e, the world’s first electric mini excavator.” 

The E19e compact excavator offers a compact footprint, quiet operation and zero emissions. The electrical motors deliver full torque, regardless of rpm, providing top productivity, smooth hydraulic control and on-demand multifunctioning performance with no noticeable power drop.

Like the E10e and the E32e, the E19e offers a run time of four hours of continuous operation on its lithium-ion battery pack. It charges with a standard 120-volt outlet, requiring eight hours to fully charge. While applications vary, each charge can support common daily work operations and the use of work modes for up to four hours of continuous operation time and a full day of operation during intermittent use or a typical contractor workday.

“As a pioneer in the field of battery-powered equipment, Bobcat innovations have helped to drive an industry-wide shift toward electric excavators and other construction equipment,” said Park. “Our team is proud of its contributions in this segment to date, and we will continue to invest in research and development to further accelerate this important trend.”

Producing zero emissions, the battery-electric excavators support environmentally sensitive worksites. They allow users to operate inside structures where diesel exhaust is restricted. The equipment offers significantly lower noise levels and vibration, which improves jobsite communication and allows work in sound-sensitive areas.

Additional information on the E19e’s North American debut and availability to customers will be forthcoming.

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