Husqvarna Group launches Xcite zero-turn mowers


Husqvarna Group introduced two new Xcite zero-turn mowers, the Z350 and Z380, to its riding mower portfolio.

Husqvarna Xcite mowers are designed with the end-user in mind and set a new benchmark for performance, comfort, ease of use, durability and enjoyment. Both models utilize Husqvarna’s SmoothRide customizable comfort technology and best-in-class suspension featuring adjustable springs with 10 comfort settings and a 4-bar link system, creating a smooth ride with no rocking or wobbling. Both models also feature a premium seat that measures 15″ on the Z350 and 18″ on the Z380, with the main difference between the two models being in size and subsequently, cutting power.

“At Husqvarna, we’re always thinking about how we can do even better by our customers and our goal with the Xcite Zero-Turn Mowers was to use the latest technology to create zero-turn mowers that are innovative, agile and fun to use,” said Alvaro Trinidad, Vice-President of Consumer Products, North America at Husqvarna Group. “The Xcite mowers not only deliver a great looking lawn every time but also ensure that lawnmowing is no longer a chore, instead transforming to a rewarding and enjoyable experience to look forward to.”

Husqvarna’s SmartControl heads up driving introduces industry-first on-stick controls which provides users with the ability to start and stop the engine at their fingertips. The controls also allow for an easy way to engage the blades and display mower status alerts, so mowers can keep their eyes focused on the lawn ahead. Both models also feature an LCD digital dashboard with a fuel gauge to easily track mower statistics, receive service reminders and check fuel levels to ensure there are no surprises when it’s time to mow.

The Xcite Zero-Turn mowers employ DuraSharp blades featuring Husqvarna’s patented blade technology to help keep blades sharp for up to five years, reducing the need for blade sharpening and replacement while setting users up for easy maintenance. On the turf, premium all-terrain tires keep the Xcite planted while the 54″ fabricated cutting deck with foot-operated lift system and 12-position cutting height selector maintain precision cutting.

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