New robotic mowers hit the show floor at CES 2023

At the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, January 5-8, several companies introduced new robotic lawn mowers and related technologies.

Here’s a sampling from the show floor:

Heisenberg Robotics, designer and manufacturer of smart lawn and garden robots, showcased its LawnMeister lawn care robot. This new robotic mower features the Heisenberg Pilot System (HPS), which uses robotic vision and AI to achieve automatic mapping, route planning and object avoidance for all types of lawns. LawnMeister’s modular design enables it to perform autonomous mowing, edge trimming, leaf blowing and fertilizing, all with the press of a button in the smartphone app, the company states.

Heisenberg Robotics’ LawnMeister H1 robotic lawn mower

LawnMeister doesn’t require the installation of perimeter cables or base stations; rather, it memorizes and creates a 3D map of the lawn after a single walkthrough, sets virtual boundaries, and arranges optimal work schedules on its own. It can also automatically adjust cutting height and frequency based on grass type, the season and the weather. LawnMeister’s strategically positioned blades and active obstacle avoidance enable the robot to safely navigate around people and animals. Its motor control system and drivetrain integrate with multiple sensors to navigate all kinds of terrains, including complex multi-zones and steep slopes.

“LawnMeister is designed to be intelligent, reliable, and most importantly, ready to use out of the box. It’s a product for anyone looking for smarter lawn care, whether you are a lawn care enthusiast or someone who just wants to spend more time with friends and family,” says Ethan Qian, CMO of Heisenberg Robotics.

Heisenberg Robotics notes that it will launch a crowdfunding campaign in February 2023, and will make two models available, for half-acre and one-acre lawns.

Worx, the Positec USA brand, introduced its latest robotic lawn mower, the Landroid Vision. The new mower is equipped with a top-level neural network – artificial intelligence that’s trained to distinguish between grass and non-grass. Through its on-board HDR camera and Vision AI, the Landroid Vision sees yards, eliminating the need for boundary wires or antennae.

The Worx Landroid Vision

Because it utilizes AI technology, the Landroid Vision can analyze frame-by-frame images from its onboard cameras to recognize and distinguish grass from anything else – roads, sidewalks, flowerbeds and even pets and humans, states Worx. Plus, it can cross over sidewalks, driveways or other areas to access multiple lawn zones, and it automatically adjusts to variations in lawn elements, such as grass density.

The Worx Landroid Vision is available in three models: ¼-, ½- and 1-acre models. Cutting-height adjustment is from 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches. Landroid Vision is powered by Worx 20v PowerShare lithium-ion battery platform. Vision includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and features a weatherproof housing plus an onboard rain sensor.

It wasn’t a mower that Dandy Technology unveiled at CES, but rather a robot designed to eliminate weeds. The Boston-based tech company showcased its Dandy DT-01 and Dandy DT-01XL robots, which utilize a spot-treatment method for home lawns.

Dandy Technology introduced its Dandy DT-01 and Dandy DT-01XL robots

Dandy uses AI and visual processing to locate common broadleaf weeds among the grass (with 95+% accuracy, reports the company) before spraying them directly with a small dose of herbicide. Spot treating weeds reduces herbicide usage by more than 90% when compared to spraying an entire lawn, Dandy reports, “which is better for the grass and safer for people, pets, birds and water.”

The Dandy design includes durable bumpers that allow it to easily navigate through grass and obstacles, and its advanced sensors eliminate nearly every weed in one or two sessions, states the company. The DT-01 robot includes a 0.5L reservoir for herbicide and will spray up to 1,000 weeds before requiring a refill; the DT-01XL robot includes a 1.2L reservoir and will spray up to 2,700 weeds before requiring a refill. The Dandy DT-01 is best for lawns up to ¼ acre and costs $699.99; the DT-01XL is made for lawns up to 1 acre and costs $799.99. Both products will begin shipping in early spring.


Dandy Technology reports that it is also developing a commercial version of the product – the Dandy DTC-101 – which is slated to hit the market by mid-year.

Greenworks introduced the new Optimow AI Robotic Mower. Equipped with the latest GPS-RTK navigation technology and AI camera systems, the Optimow AI can handle multiple landscapes up to 2.5 acres with systematic line-by-line cutting – all without the need of a boundary wire. The company reports that its cutting is accurate to within 1 inch.

Greenworks also showcased its 50H Robotic Lawn Mower, which utilizes boundary wires and is designed for yards up to ½-acre in size. Cutting height: 2.4-4.0 inches; slopes up to 35%. Using app scheduling, the 50H can be set to automatically skip days with rain or frost in the forecast.

Greenworks’ 50H Robotic Lawn Mower

EcoFlow, a portable-power and renewable-energy solutions company, introduced its EcoFlow Blade robotic lawn-sweeping mower.

The EcoFlow Blade robot from EcoFlow

Selected as a CES 2023 Honoree, the Blade employs smart in-app programs, GPS and LiDAR technologies to perform precision edge mowing as well as automatic leaf collection. “Requiring minimal effort from users, Blade combines the quality of professional lawn services with the convenience of robotic mowing,” the company states.

The EcoFlow Blade is “cheaper than professional mowing services and requires less physical effort than standard robotic mowers, making lawn care totally hassle-free,” reports the company.

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