Kubota introduces new compact excavator, construction attachments

Kubota Tractor has announced the newest addition to its compact excavator lineup – the KX030-4, which replaces the company’s KX71-3S in the 2- to 3-ton segment. Designed for landscape and construction operators, the KX030-4 will be available at Kubota dealers beginning in March 2023.

“The new KX030-4 delivers increased breakout and lifting force while decreasing the overall weight of the machine, making for easier trailering and transport between jobsites,” says Bill Holton, Kubota product manager, construction equipment. “With more than 500 pounds of additional bucket breakout force than the KX71-3S and nearly 300 pounds more lifting force, the KX030-4 will be a great asset to the rental, landscape and general construction and utility markets.”

Available in both canopy and cab models, the KX030-4 is powered by Kubota’s direct-injection diesel engine and is engineered to maximize digging and lifting performance while minimizing noise, vibration and fuel consumption, notes Kubota.

Features include:

  • The KX030-4 provides 24.7 horsepower, a working range that includes a digging depth of 9 ft., 7 in., and a bucket breakout force of 6,924 lbs.
  • Auto-downshift feature allows the operator to travel in 2nd speed and make turns without having to manually downshift.
  • Hydraulic diverter valve, located on the dipper arm, comes standard on the KX030-4, allowing operators to easily switch between attachments with the turn of a wrench.
  • A spacious interior is designed to create a better operator experience, with a larger entrance, and more cabin and foot space than the KX71-3S.

Kubota also has partnered with Land Pride to launch new construction attachments, including snow blowers, grapples and vibratory compactors:

Snow Blowers AP-SBL3074/3084 & AP-SBL3574/3584 – New in 2023 are two snow blower models, the SBL30 and SBL35. The new snow blowers are available with hydraulic flow rates to match a number of Kubota power units, including the SSV and SVL lines. The new snow blowers feature optional bolt-on wings that add an additional four inches of width, to bring more snow into the machine; in addition, an optional fold-over chute can be added to direct snow more precisely. The SBL30 Models feature two motor options to accommodate lower flow machines; the SBL35 Series has one motor available and matches the high-flow capabilities of the SVL97-2. Available this spring.

Compact Claw Grapple AP-CGC1040 – The CGC1040 Compact Claw Grapple is made from high-tensile AR400 steel and performance-matched for the Kubota SCL1000 stand-on compact loader power unit. At just over 300 pounds and 40 inches wide, the CGC1040 is ideal for landscapers looking to move brush and limbs or even set large stones as a landscape feature. The narrow width of the claw grapple, paired with the narrow width of the SCL, allows for easy access through most residential gates. Available at Kubota dealerships starting in May 2023.

Vibratory Compactors AP-PC400/700/1000 – The new line of Plate Compactors are matched to Kubota excavators, in the 3- to 8-ton size range. These versatile tools effectively compact soil and aggregate in open trenching, leveling, and embankment construction applications. Now available.

“Kubota and Land Pride work hand-in-hand with product development,” says Michael Butler, Land Pride product manager. “Together, our equipment is performance-matched so as Kubota is refining, upgrading, and expanding its power units, Land Pride is engineering with the same quality and innovation on complementary attachments. This year, we are adding three more attachment lines to our already diverse suite of construction equipment and attachments.”

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