Two new portable generators from Generac – largest wattage offering to date


Generac Power Systems has added two new models to its GP line of portable generators. The GP15500EFI and GP18000EFI – with 15,500 running watts and 18,000 running watts, respectively – are the company’s highest wattage portable generators.

The Generac GP15500EFI and GP1800EFI are ideal for high-wattage jobsite demands, DIY projects and emergency home backup, the company reports. Both portable generators are built with the Generac G-Force 816CC EFI engine, which is designed to provide optimum fuel efficiency at all engine speeds and load demands, helping lower fuel consumption and emissions.

The two new generators also feature COsense technology, so are designed to automatically shut down when toxic levels of carbon monoxide are detected. Additionally, with less than 5% total harmonic distortion, the GP15500EFI and GP18000EFI will safely power sensitive electronic equipment.

Both the GP15500EFI and GP18000EFI are large enough to potentially provide whole home backup power when paired with a Generac HomeLink manual transfer switch, Generac reports.

“We’re constantly innovating and enhancing our power solutions, with the aim of providing every consumer with a power option that best fits their needs,” says Kyle Raabe, president of consumer power at Generac. “Consumers who are not ideal candidates for a home standby system, such as those who rent their home and cannot install a permanent system, now have access to the security and safety that comes with the ability to backup their whole home in the event of an outage.”

The new GP15500EFI (MSRP $3,999) and GP18000EFI (MSRP $4,399) are now available through Generac’s sales outlets in the United States.

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