Mecalac introduces 3 compact wheeled excavators to North America


Mecalac is offering its MWR Series of wheeled excavators to the North American market. All three models in the series — the 7MWR, 9MWR and 11MWR — allow for maximum maneuverability in tight working areas, offering the flexibility and versatility of a skid steer or compact track loader in a single machine and delivering higher speed and mobility than tracked excavators.  

“Traditionally, wheeled excavators have enjoyed less popularity in North America because the open spaces and greater distances to travel favored larger equipment,” says Peter Bigwood, general manager of Mecalac North America. “That is no longer the case. As supply-chain challenges continue and trucking costs increase, hauling equipment is becoming more expensive. Compounding that is the fact that jobsites are getting smaller and labor shortages plague nearly every industry and business. These trends make it easy to recognize that the North American market needs compact equipment and the specific advantages that the wheeled excavator offers. Mecalac has more than 40 years of experience building and fine tuning our wheeled excavators, and we believe the North American market is ready for this new approach to work.”

Each of the three models in the MWR series offers speed in a compact footprint, Mecalac reports: The 7MWR, the smallest of the three, offers variable speed between 0 and 19 mph; two of the larger models, the 9MWR and 11MWR, provide standard travel speeds between 0 and 12 mph (with an option for enhanced speed up to 22 mph on the 9MWR and up to 19 mph on the 11MWR).

Other features include:

  • The MWR series machines have a center of gravity that is 20% lower than competitive models while still maintaining a high ground clearance, states the company. The result is exceptional stability even while operating off-road and on slopes.
  • With four-wheel steering, the MWR series machines are extremely maneuverable and feature a turn radius 2.5 times more compact than a traditional wheeled excavator.
  • A 75-horsepower (55.4-kilowatt) engine is standard on each model.
  • Lifting capacity ratio: the smallest model is able to lift 3 metric tons at 10 feet (3 meters) through 360 degrees.
  • Using Mecalac’s hydraulic quick coupler, transitions between attachments such as buckets or forks can be made in less than a minute from inside the cab, the company notes. Equipped with a set of forks, the MWR machines can replace a telescopic handler or rough terrain forklift and another operator.
  • All MWR models in North America come standard with MyMecalac, the company’s fleet management technology.

“We’re confident that the MWRs will be a game-changer for contractors and operators in North America for years to come,” Bigwood says. “By combining a compact footprint with a balanced design that is powerful, versatile and user-friendly, the MWR Series achieves higher levels of productivity than ever before, making it a valuable addition to any jobsite.”

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