Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions debuts with new branding

Briggs & Stratton has announced the new Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions, formed by combining the company’s Standby Power business with Simpliphi Power, which was acquired in 2021. Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions offers a full range of energy solutions, including standby generators, energy storage systems and software applications.


On its website, Tom Rugg, president of Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions, states: “To better represent our mission and the broader range of innovative energy solutions in our portfolio, we are updating and modernizing our branding. The new Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions brand will go across our full product line, inclusive of backup power generators as well as home energy storage products.

“It will allow you to provide your customers with more choices with one single brand,” he continues. “And in the coming months, you will see the new branding on products and on advertising. Collectively, we have a massive opportunity to grow together. Now is the perfect time for you to incorporate backup power and energy storage into your product lines.”

To view the full video of Rugg’s comments concerning the new Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions, click here.

Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions products include PowerProtect home standby generators and SimpliPhi Energy Storage Systems with lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) cylindrical batteries:

  • PowerProtect home standby generators are available in four different models to meet residential and commercial needs. The 12, 17, 20 and 26kW units all feature a commercial-grade Vanguardengine as well as Briggs & Stratton’s NGITech.
  • The SimpliPhi Energy Storage System is an integrated, scalable solution with proprietary hardware and software designed to enable homeowners to store, manage and control energy from multiple generation sources. The system’s technology seamlessly integrates three core components: a 6 kWSimpliPhi inverter, a 4.98 kWhLFP battery and EnergyTrak management software. The LFP batteries can operate at a wide temperature range, and boast a long lifespan: 10,000 cycles at 80% DoD (depth of discharge).

A “Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions Transition FAQ” is available here.

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