New RVR commercial work vehicles from Landmaster

Landmaster has released the new RVR (Rover), available in both gas and electric platforms. The gas UTV, called the L5 RVR, and the lithium-powered UTV, the AMP RVR, will begin production on August 1, 2023, the company reports.


The two UTVs are designed specifically for a variety of commercial applications, including golf courses, groundskeeping, schools & universities, apartment/condo complexes, airports, indoor factories, municipalities, sports venues, events and other commercial applications. Uses include hauling equipment, towing trailers, transporting people, security or helping with any other work that needs done around a business.

Features include:

  • The AMP RVR and L5 RVR come standard with independent rear suspension and dual-rate shocks, providing a comfortable, high-quality ride performance, even at various payload levels.
  • The RVR has a total tow capacity of 1,500 lbs. and a max bed capacity of 750 lbs.
  • The RVRs come standard with a dumpable steel bed with removable sides, electronic power steering, two adjustable premium bucket seats, 2-inch front and rear hitch receivers, and rear locking differential.
  • The RVRs offer 11 inches of ground clearance, allowing users to drive easily over larger obstacles, including curbs, logs, railroad ties, rocks, berms and other objects.

“The electric RVR is an incredible vehicle for businesses owners, super quiet, low-maintenance, fume-free, strong capabilities, and easy to operate. For users who are stopping and starting all day with a UTV, the electric RVR will last all day and charge in as little as 6 hours overnight. I’m excited about getting the RVR into various businesses across the U.S. so they can experience the Landmaster difference,” says David Piercy, marketing and creative director for Landmaster.

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