Argo Launches Commercial Segment

Argo, manufacturer of ATVs and amphibious vehicles, announced a commitment to servicing the offroad commercial market earlier this year with the rollout of an all-new line of Pro and Commercial amphibious offroad vehicles. The manufacturer’s launch includes the unique Argo Sasquatch XTX. 

Argo Sasquatch
The Argo Sasquatch is a truly unique all-terrain utility machine.

To support the vehicle introductions and delivery, Argo added key staff to its team. Pat Marion joined as Commercial Regional Sales Manager for Canada. Pat brings years of successful experience working with offroad dealerships and a deep knowledge of his Canadian territory. Cheryl Johnson also joined the commercial sales team. In her role as a Commercial Customer Support Manager, Cheryl will use her strengths in furthering dealer development efforts, managing customer service initiatives and supporting commercial campaigns. 

The Argo Conquest utility vehicle

With a full build schedule and Pro Series units rolling off dealer’s floors, President and CEO Brad Darling commented, “The energy surrounding the Pro Series and Commercial models has been overwhelmingly constructive. Our clients are turning to our products to accomplish tasks that nothing else is capable of. Expanding our commercial team of passionate and knowledgeable professionals means we will be able to bring the latest technology in off road mobility to an even wider array of commercial sectors and assist the men and women who work tirelessly every day to maintain our global resources in the line of duty.” 

Argo says it sees no signs of the market slowing down for the all-new Sasquatch and Pro Series line of products. As the company continues to identify new open territories, they will look to fill those areas with new commercial dealers and additional support staff who share Argo’s vision to Know No Boundaries. 

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