Husqvarna introduces new services for commercial robotic mowers

Husqvarna has two new service offerings tailored for professional customers seeking to integrate robotics into their business: Lease Plus and Service Plus.

Golf and sports turf managers face financial and operational hurdles daily – from massive capital investments to the perpetual struggle of retaining skilled labor. Additionally, the unpredictable costs of maintenance and repairs pose a significant risk when investing in machinery.

Understanding those challenges, Husqvarna’s Lease Plus and Service Plus meet the diverse needs of customers whether they opt for equipment leasing or outright purchase. Lease Plus eliminates a substantial up-front investment and unpredictable maintenance costs by offering a fixed monthly price. Meanwhile, Service Plus is tailored for those who prefer the conventional purchase route, offering a simplified repair and maintenance experience.

“At Husqvarna, we’re confident that our autonomous mowers are the ideal solution for customers who demand precision and top-notch quality,” said Alvaro Trinidad, vice president and general manager of Husqvarna Group North America. “Lease Plus and Service Plus remove common barriers to investing in autonomous solutions, eradicating financial guesswork and ensuring that our customers have reliable machinery to maintain their properties in pristine condition.”

Service Plus offers customers a worry-free experience with fixed-rate preventative maintenance, wear-and-tear repairs, preferred scheduling with qualified mechanics and firmware updates. Superintendents and managers can now plan annual budgets without the usual headaches.

Lease Plus takes it a step further, offering the same top-notch maintenance and repair services along with an innovative twist – new product replacements every three years. This ensures that customers are always at the forefront of the industry with the latest and most advanced mowers available. To learn more, visit

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