Ideal Creates Dealer’s Edge Conversations

“I want to have a place where we can chat about the industry. It’s not about any brand, and it’s not about sales. It’s about industry information and challenges and opportunities,” said Clint Sanders, sales manager at Ideal. “I came onboard (to Ideal Computer Systems) about 5 years ago. And as sales manager, I want to build a stronger network across the OPE industry, with OEM reps and influencers and dealers.”

Sanders is the host of the new Dealer’s Edge, a biweekly online conversation event open to power equipment dealers and other industry professionals.

“I want this to be laid back, just good conversations,” said Sanders when he and I talked after the first Dealer’s Edge chat. “How can we all do better at our jobs? That’s the main goal of these conversations.”

Dealers Edge

Dealer’s Edge calls are scheduled every other Friday at 11 am EST. The event website says, “In each session, we’ll dive into topics like the latest OPE market trends, innovative equipment maintenance techniques, customer engagement strategies, and much more.”

For the first call, held on Feb. 16, Sanders said 55 people joined in, including OEM sales managers and reps, OPE dealers and more. “People are going to know who I work for, and that’s great. But it’s not about me selling anything,” said Sanders.

Upcoming topics include:

  • Maximizing your Service Department
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Dealership Layout and Design
  • And more

Clint Sanders, a native of Lexington, Tenn., is a seasoned OPE professional. In 2016, Clint established his own OPE dealership in Lexington. He has served on the Dixie Chopper Dealer Advisory Council and contributed to the Professional Power Equipment Congress.

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