Exmark Expands Vertex Mower Line

Exmark introduced two new products to its stand-on mower lineup with the Vertex X-Series and compact Vertex E-Series. The new models join Exmark’s existing Vertex S-Series and electric Vertex V-Series.

Exmark Director of Marketing Jamie Briggs said the new machines expand the Vertex line, with a complete range of models in cut widths from 32- to 72-inches. “Our customers were very happy with the Vertex models we launched last year,” Briggs said. “Our most common customer feedback was that they wished there was a wider range of Vertex models, so that’s what we focused on delivering in 2024.”

Vertex X-Series

Exmark said its new Vertex X-Series raises the bar for stand-on mower power and productivity, thanks to an available 72-inch UltraCut Series 6 cutting deck. It enables contractors to mow more than 7 acres per hour and do it all day thanks to the generous 14-gallons of fuel capacity. Plus, with the same formed and welded tubular steel frame and heavy-duty 15-inch caster wheels and tires as Exmark’s premier Lazer Z zero-turn riding mowers, Vertex X-Series models provide superior commercial durability.

Vertex X-Series mowers use Kawasaki FX1000 engines and UltraCut Series 6 cutting decks. In addition to the 72-inch model, Exmark also offers Vertex X-Series with 52- or 60-inch cutting decks.

The wide, stable design of the Vertex X-Series features large 24-inch drive tires for increased traction, reduced turf compaction and increased ride quality. The operator-focused control center optimizes operator control and comfort, with a bolstered operator pad and suspended operator platform that’s located low and centered between the rear wheels.

Vertex E-Series

Exmark’s new Vertex E-Series compact stand-on mower is a more productive option for gated back yards and other areas with limited access, when compared with a walk-behind mower. Available with 32- or 36-inch UltraCut Series 3 cutting decks, Vertex E-Series is designed for contractors that maintain small- to mid-sized properties.

Powered by electric start, twin-cylinder Kawasaki FS600V commercial engines, Vertex E-Series models use HydroGear pumps and Parker wheel motors to deliver ground speeds of up to 7.5mph forward. The dual-action controls provide quick, responsive control in any conditions, and the single-point cut height adjustment system quickly and accurately sets deck height from 1.0- to 4.5-inches, in .25-inch increments.

Vertex S-Series

The popular Vertex S-Series model carries through to 2024, giving landscape contractors a versatile, productive mid-sized stand-on commercial mower that’s built to go the distance. Vertex S-Series models are available with a choice of 48-, 52-, or 60-inch UltraCut Series 4 cutting decks. A choice of carbureted Kawasaki or EFI Kohler engines deliver power though Exmark’s proven hydro drive system to deliver ground speeds of up to 8.5-mph.

Vertex V-Series

Exmark leverages the HyperCell Power System to power the electric Vertex V-Series mowers. Patent-pending management software optimizes performance for the conditions and delivers up to 7 hours of runtime per charge. The Vertex V-Series uses commercial high-torque wheel motors working with a planetary transmission to deliver a smooth, responsive feel at the controls and ground speed of up to 10 mph. Exmark offers the Vertex V-Series with a 52-inch Electric Series 4 side-discharge cutting deck. The high-torque deck motors feature a 9-inch diameter cast aluminum spindle housings with blade retainers for maximum commercial durability.

Each Vertex model features a design that places the heaviest components low in the chassis to improve stability, maneuverability, and traction. Vertex models are engineered to run all season without maintenance, virtually eliminating productivity killing in-season downtime. The open architecture offers easier access to engine and hydro drive system components.

For a limited time, Exmark is offering price specials and instant rebates on Vertex E-Series and S-Series models, and V-Series electric stand-on mowers. The manufacturer has special offers for pro customers on fleet qualified purchases.


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