Scythe expands HQ and manufacturing facility

Scythe Robotics officially opened the doors of its newly expanded headquarters and manufacturing facility in Boulder County, Colorado. The company said it expanded due to the strong demand from landscape contractors for Scythe M.52 – the company’s all electric, fully autonomous commercial mower.

More than double the size of the company’s original manufacturing facility, the 28,000-sq. ft. facility marks a pivotal step in accommodating Scythe’s continued rapid growth. The company will build and deploy more than 100 mowers in the coming months, ramping production to eight units a week. Scythe anticipates it will increase production volumes in the second half of the year when it debuts the next generation of M.52. To accommodate its 80 employees, 60 of whom are based in Colorado, the larger headquarters also provides ample office and meeting areas that will support increased company activity and forecasted headcount growth.

Scythe manufacturing production line

“The opening of our state-of-the-art robotics facility accelerates our ability to deliver high-quality, game-changing machines to our customers for the upcoming mowing season,” said Jack Morrison, co-founder and CEO of Scythe. “We are proud that our growth is generating meaningful job opportunities within Colorado’s burgeoning cleantech sector and advancing our state’s culture of collaboration and creativity. Boulder County’s diverse talent pool and inspiring landscape make it the ideal place for Scythe to innovate and lead the way in robotics.”

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Scythe said the strategic location in Longmont offers proximity to esteemed universities, a vibrant and expanding robotics community, and the allure of Colorado’s outdoor lifestyle, making it an ideal choice for Scythe to anchor its headquarters. With special recognition from the State of Colorado and the City of Longmont, the company will continue to create high-quality jobs in Boulder County for individuals across a wide range of skills and backgrounds.

Scythe manufacturing

“Colorado is leading the nation in the industries of tomorrow and we are thrilled to see Scythe Robotics expand in Colorado, creating 394 good-paying jobs and helping to pioneer the future of robotics. Colorado’s highly educated workforce, pro-business environment, and commitment to innovation make us the best place to live, work, and do business,” said Governor Jared Polis in a statement.

“Colorado ranks fifth in the nation as a cleantech hub, and companies like Scythe Robotics play an important role in advancing this key industry,” added OEDIT Executive Director Eve Lieberman. “We are pleased to see the company expand in Longmont, creating new good-paying jobs while contributing to our state’s ongoing leadership in cleantech.”

In the design of the production line, Scythe implemented a unidirectional movement system that empowers the manufacturing team to monitor progress visually, minimize waste, and operate at peak efficiency. This ensures that each M.52 unit meets stringent quality standards and delivery schedules. Spanning 300 feet from end to end, the upgraded warehouse and production line also feature innovative amenities such as raising platforms, agile cranes, and dedicated assembly stations. These additions prioritize the comfort and productivity of Scythe’s assembly technicians, reducing time and effort expended in the assembly of M.52.

“Ensuring a quality product that is delivered in a timely manner hinges on our ability to proactively optimize workflows throughout the manufacturing process,” said Kip Atkinson, senior manufacturing engineer at Scythe. “Through the adoption of lean manufacturing principles, we swiftly pinpoint and rectify any production or testing errors before the mower leaves our facility. Our rigorous criteria during the production process guarantees that our customers receive machines of utmost safety and reliability, consistently delivering superior outcomes.”

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