Same Store Sales Report, February 2024

We publish these same-store sales reports monthly to show both a snapshot and a trendline of retail sales activity at OPE dealerships in North America. For February 2024, we see a mixed picture of sales and service activity that is showing signs of improvement, especially in the Parts and Service segments.

Lack of winter weather may have had a negative impact on wholegoods sales nationwide, with only dealers in the West and Midwest showing modest gains. See the table below, and specific breakouts further down this page. And you can refer to the January report for further comparison.

same store sales



same store sales


same store sales

Ideal Computer Systems companies have developed the largest database of dealership transactional sales, inventory position and task completion information. Drawing from more than 1,700 dealers on a nightly basis, this data warehouse is the largest, most accurate source for dealership and market year-over-year trending information in the industry.

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