RC Mowers expands dealer network

RC Mowers has expanded its new Autonomous Mowing Robot (AMR) dealer network to include five dealers within the United States and one in Australia. The new AMR dealers include Brown Equipment Company, TriGreen Equipment, Jet-Vac Equipment Company, Kinloch Equipment, MTech and Colbrook Industries. These companies represent locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Australia. More than 30 dealers now sell RC Mowers’ remote-controlled mowers worldwide.

“The early enthusiasm we’ve seen from equipment resellers in the landscaping market has been tremendous, particularly since this technology is still so new within our industry,” said Tim Kubista, vice president of sales and marketing for RC Mowers. “We see the growth of our dealer network as evidence that there is demand for this technology. Landscapers are facing quality labor shortages and RC Mowers has worked to address this challenge by providing a reliable solution in the AMR.”

RC Mowers landscaper
RC Mowers autonomous mowing robot

Labor shortage solution?

Kubista acknowledges that the industry has long faced labor shortages, which makes it difficult for commercial landscapers to scale their businesses for growth. 

“The AMR allows one operator to generate the same revenue as a crew of three, which can create opportunities for increased profitability,” he said. “Mowing services are usually the number one source of most landscaping companies’ revenue but are also the least profitable. This technology shows up on time, does precise work and doesn’t complain.”

For MTech Vice President of Sales and Marketing Justin Cira, the innovation and growth potential of autonomous mowing were the deciding factors in becoming an RC Mowers AMR dealer.

“We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation in all of the industries we serve”, Cira said. “We know autonomous mowing is the future of the landscaping industry and couldn’t wait to bring this game changing technology to our customers.”

He said users “see the potential this product has in helping them meet the challenges they face. By using the AMRs, they are able to meet their contractual obligations even as we see a tightening of the labor market.”

“RC Mowers doesn’t just sell this new technology, they also come on site to help train the operators,” said Justin Kohl, Jet-Vac Equipment Company president. “Their leadership in this industry and customer support has been an advantage since day one.”

Kubista said dealers are carefully selected, provided with extensive sales and product training, and are supported by the RC Mowers team during the entire sales and post-sale cycle.

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