April is National Lawn Care Month

NALP National Lawn Care Month
Photos courtesy NALP Philippe Nobile Photography

April is National Lawn Care Month, and, every year, the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) provides tools for the entire industry to educate consumers about the benefits of a healthy lawn.

NALP National Lawn Care Month

This year’s campaign, “Grass Facts,” shares facts about the benefits of turfgrass in our communities and helps dispel some of the myths. Landscape industry professionals can use the social media graphics, infographic, and messages in the NALP toolkit throughout April and beyond to promote healthy lawns.

Shareable resources

  • Click here to download the National Lawn Care Month logo (for use by NALP members and authorized partners).
  • Click here to download photos.
  • Link to NALP’s Truth About Lawns article on Loveyourlandscape.org

NALP also provided suggested copy for a series of Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter posts to help landscape professionals educate their clients:

NALP National Lawn Care Month

Did you know that taking care of your lawn has a huge return on investment? A 2023 survey from the National Association of Realtors reported that there is a 217% percent return on investment for standard lawn care services. And that’s just financial – not to mention the emotional benefits of getting outside! #LawnCareMonth #GrassFacts

Did you know that having a healthy lawn brings joy? A 2023 survey from the National Association of Realtors reported that when homeowners had a healthy lawn cared for by the pros, they gave the project a 9.4 out of 10 Joy Score! Get outside and start enjoying your lawn and parks. #LawnCareMonth #GrassFacts

Did you know that your yard is an environmental hero? The grass in your lawn or nearby park produces lots of oxygen, slows soil erosion and water runoff, traps carbon dioxide, and provides habitat for hundreds of different insect, animal and plant species. #LawnCareMonth #GrassFacts

Did you know that your yard helps your mental health? Numerous studies show that spending time in your yard or a park reduces stress levels, boosts your Vitamin D levels, and can help with anxiety and depression. Yardwork, gardening, playing with your kids or dog, or working out outside also helps your physical health! #LawnCareMonth #GrassFacts

Take care of your yard this spring because your yard takes care of you! From producing enough oxygen daily to support a family, hosting wildlife, cooling the surrounding area, slowing stormwater runoff and trapping carbon dioxide, your lawn is helping the environment around you. And it’s the best place for kids and pets to play! #LawnCareMonth #GrassFacts

For additional resources, including social media graphics, “The Truth About Lawns” infographic, climate change resources, video content and other sharable resources, visit the NALP site.

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