Yanmar awards outstanding service pros

Yanmar has selected the winners of its Yanmar Service Awards, naming three outstanding service professionals for outstanding service to the company and customers. Yanmar honored the following people at a ceremony at the Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan on March 7:

  • Warranty Analyst Larry Azdell, Yanmar America (left);
  • Service Technician Stacy Blubaugh from Yanmar America Dealer Holmes Rental & Sales Inc (center);
  • Parts Sales Specialist Roger Wilson, Yanmar America (right).
Yanmar service awards 2024

Larry exhibits remarkable dedication to customer satisfaction within Yanmar America’s After-sales Support Division. With a focus on timely responses and attentive listening, he effectively addresses challenges, fostering strong dealer relationships.

Roger consistently delivers top-notch customer service, actively listening to customer needs, meticulously documenting information for follow-up, and ensuring satisfaction by offering further assistance. He embodies Yanmar’s commitment to quality service and customer care.

Reaching outside Yanmar America for the first time, Stacy’s award recognizes his expertise in accurately diagnosing and swiftly repairing Yanmar equipment, coupled with meticulous attention to detail to ensure all components function safely. His dedication to customer service is exemplary, reflecting Yanmar’s commitment to excellence.

“Dedicated to excellence, Larry, Roger, and Stacy exemplify the values Yanmar America stands for,” stated Dustin Graham, Manager of Customer Support, Yanmar America. “Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is truly commendable, and we are delighted to celebrate their achievements.”

Larry, Roger, and Stacy traveled to Yanmar’s Customer Service headquarters in Japan to receive their awards, underscoring Yanmar America’s dedication to delivering exceptional service and products to its customers.

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