Husqvarna unveils new Automower 520 models

Husqvarna introduced a new automower that it says is ideal for landscapers and groundskeepers “looking for a more affordable (entry-level) wire-free robotic solution to help them manage commercial properties efficiently.”

The company designed the new Automower 520/H EPOS for mowing up to 1.25 acres. The product is available at dealers and will retail for $3,299 – plus reference station which retails for around $900.  The company’s existing CEORA robotic mower has a greater capacity area of up to 18 acres, and retails for around $30,000. 

Husqvarna auto mow 520

Two new Automower models are available. The 520H model can achieve a cutting height of up to 3.6 in. The 520 model can reach a cutting height of 2.4 in. Both use EPOS technology. That’s “Exact Positioning Operating System” which Husqvarna describes as a satellite-based technology that allows device to work within virtual – not hard-wired – boundaries. The wire-free technology necessitates the use of the RS5 Reference Station. That device handles the RTK-GNSS signals between the products and the satellites. One reference station can handle several EPOS units per installation, working an area up to 500-meter radius. 

Both models feature safety sensors and amber LED lights in the front for increased safety and visibility at night. They use a five-blade cutting disc, and can be programmed for multiple work areas with unique schedules, cutting heights and mowing patterns. Firmware updates are possible remotely. 

Husqvarna auto mow 520

Features and benefits:

  • Mows lawns up to 1.25 acres with complexity and obstacles
  • Easy installation with EPOS (boundary wire free)
  • EPOS area management / FOTA
  • Selectable mowing patterns for a manicured look
  • Controlled via Husqvarna Fleet Services
  • GPS navigation and theft tracking
  • Quiet, emissions free operation
  • Can be scheduled to operate off hours
  • IPX4 rating

Key product specs:

  • Weight: 31 lbs
  • Capacity: Up to 1.25 acres)
  • Cut range: 520 0.8-2.4; 520H, 2.0-3.6
  • Integrated Bluetooth & cellular connectivity
  • MSRP: $ 3299.99 (not including $899 reference station)

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